Teaching and Learning Experiences

I have been teaching ‘Design’ for more than 45 years now. My engagement has been large part with graduate engineers, architects and artists.   Undergraduate level teaching has been, ‘now and then’. More than these I have been engaged in teaching different sections like School Children, craft-persons, craft entrepreneurs and school teachers. I have varied, exciting experiences to share.

Most significant in all these has been that  ‘every time  I tried to  teach, I learn something new’. For any teaching, I prepare a lot and plan every detail. There is always a challenge to surprise the students to draw them into your ‘communication hold’.

Quite often teaching has brought me close to students creating a personal bond which continues till today! I will be sharing some of these experiences, learnings and pedagogical insights, as well innovative strategies which I adopted from time to time. But one factor keeps coming up .again and again! You cannot teach unless Learner decides to Learn!  No amount of left brain logic can change another person. Somewhere right brain/heart has to play a role in ‘teaching, learning  process’!


Arifa at CDI, Srinagar

3D Letters in Wire

Letter Phones

Fruit Bionics or Bio-mimicry for Designers

Creativity The First Workshop - 1982


CCPM-Willem's Report