Introduction to Bamboo craft

Many people ask me, ‘how I got interested in bamboo craft'.  It is a long story.  I was lead into it by series of incidents.  At some stage in 90s I examined pros and cons of getting into it deeper.  I got into it with a major decision of taking sabbatical leave for an year to study bamboo craft.  I spent 3 to 4 months in North East.  After that it looked like I was destined to work in bamboo craft. Projects came to me from DC (Handicrafts), UNDP and KVIC.  30 years of involvement  in design, development of tools, technologies and training models has given number of  insights.  We have done more than 50 workshops in the remote villages of our county. 

A Bambu Studio at IDC has taken shape.  Bambu Studio has strong Linkages with many NGOs as well as Govt. agencies.  we have a good rapport with International agencies like INBAR (International Network for Bamboo and Rattan) .  I will share my personal experiences  as readable episodes as well as knowledge base in Design, Tools, Finishes and  Small Technologies developed at Bambu Studio over the years. My students and colleagues have been supporting activities at Bambu Studio. A company I started under SINE  IIT Bombay, still makes and sells Mini tool kits for Bamboo.



Jagruti - Bamboo Craft Design - INBAR Review 

Bamboo Craft Design

Project Report


UNDP Brochure


UNDP Project on Tools & Small Technologies


UNDP Project Report part-1

UNDP Project Report part-2



 Natural Dye Colour Manual


Bamboo Craft Training


List of Training Workshops

Workshop Reports 


  Tool Kit Videos  


Videos of Small Machines for Bamboo

IDC Sander

Width Sizer


Splitter / Slivering Machine


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 Mini toolkit details

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