Design Projects

I have designed more than 20 products. Most of them were assigned by Industries as consultation projects. Some were sponsored projects. Few were self initiated. Wide variety gave a chance to explore multiple dimensions of design. Each product/project has a brief explanation with pictures. In addition to this I have a story to tell which reveals the very structure of Industries and Mind set of Management at that time. Design has been an adventure worth telling to others!.

16 mm Projector

Design Narrative 1

Coal Stove or Chula

Design Narrative 2

Boiler for Export

Design Narrative 3

Roll it Snake Toy

Design Narrative 4

Crompton Starter

Design Narrative 5

Simple Phone for C-Dot

Design Narrative 6

Crompton Street Lamp

Design Narrative 7

Fish Container

Design Narrative 8


Siemen's Starter with Design Narrative