Memory Lane

I have been at NID and IDC at  crucial junctures. Many interests of my life like spirituality, bamboo craft and education of children brought new dimensions to my 'Design thinking'. Travel to remote villages and  meeting unusual people brought revelations of 'Design practice' by ordinary people. I will share my personal experiences as narratives, which no doubt carry an 'aroma of Design'.

Memory Lane 1 - Reaching NID 

 Memory Lane 2 - NIDdays

Memory Lane 3 - NID days – getting grilled by Bob Gill

Memory Lane 4 - NID days - Pullver to Adrian Frutiger

Memory Lane 5 - NID days - the story teller Leo Leonni

Memory Lane 6 - Inimitable Design Maverick Padmashree Dashrath Patel

Memory Lane 7 - Designer with a precision, Benoy Sirkar and the story behind IA symbol

Memory Lane 8 - Saul Bass and story of Zero!

Memory Lane 9 - Those Enchanting Days at NID

Memory Lane 10 - Soul of NID